A Guide To Buying The Best Vacuum Cleaner

Unless you are fortunate enough to employ a house cleaning service on a frequent basis, it is necessary to ‘clean the house’ every few weeks.  This can be a very tiresome and frustrating chore, but it is essential in order to keep the property clean and eliminate the chance of infestations.

One of the most significant types of household cleaning tools is the vacuum cleaner.  Contrary to popular belief, each vacuum cleaner presents with a unique level and style of cleaning.  This article will provide information on what considerations to take into account when purchasing the best vacuum cleaner available.

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1. The Bag Component

A vacuum cleaner will remove dirt and debris from floors through a suction action.  The dirt will be ‘sucked in’ via the mouth and then transferred to a dirt bag.  Presently the majority of popular vacuum cleaners do not have bags and utilize plastic bins instead.

This not only eliminates the need to purchase and change the bags, but it also reduces the size of the item.  It should be remembered that while a bagless option is convenient, this vacuum cleaner style has a smaller capacity.

2. Capacity

As is mentioned above, the presence of a vacuum bag can influence the capacity of the item.  Capacity is an essential factor to take into account as small capacity cleaners will need to have dirt removed more frequently than large capacity cleaners.  The larger option is more beneficial if the property has a large surface area where you will need to clean a substantial amount of rooms.

3. Maneuverability

A difficulty that many people experience when using a vacuum cleaner is an inability to maneuver around furniture.  A second feature that many people have difficulty with is flights of stairs, particularly if the stair itself is very thin.

In this case it is recommended that you purchase smaller and lighter cleaners, such as the bagless option.  The heavier and larger cleaner may be more stable with a greater capacity; however, the overall size can make small areas difficult to navigate.

4. Pet Hair

Owning an indoor pet can be enjoyable but it is never pleasant when cleaning carpets and rugs.  Pet hair can be particularly difficult to remove from carpeted floors because of their thin structure and ability to cling to material.

It should also be noted that many pet hairs can leave an unpleasant odor irrespective of the length or style.  To tackle this problem, it is recommended that you utilize cleaners with high speed brush bars and strong suction power.