Competitions in Jumping Castles

rainbow-inflatables-jumping-castlesThere are many kinds of jumping castle course that allocates for participants to have races and fight alongside one another. These are normally rectangular in outline, but can also be square if the course is incomprehensible. Most obstruction courses have two lanes, but a number of the lanes can have three or four lanes. They mark a variety of obstacles for example pop-up obstacles, climbing areas, slides, and even tunnels. These are the most excellent choice for very large events while participants move through them rapidly.

Games involving jumping castles

Some of the types of jumping castles are intended to let games, for instance, boxing rings, water football, penalty shootouts, basketball, rumbling, tug of war, and gladiator duels. These interesting social games increases interaction inflatable games and they are prepared further than the same substance that a constant airflow bounce house is made up of. Quad tracks are also trendy and offer the boundary for Quad bike racing.


As per the fresh studies regarding the injuries which are caused due to jumping castles and the rides have increased. An average of 31 children per day is hospitalized for the reason of the injuries that are caused by a Bounce House or Inflatable Castle. That is just about 60,000 children that have been hurt if we count from the year of 1995 to 2015 as we are roughly talking about the issues in a decade.

Technique of decoration

The artworks that are printed on most inflatable structure are hand-painted and they are much cheaper for an artist to paint these castles rather than to buy a printing engine or shell out for a specialized printer to print the artwork for few jumping castles. For those who are wishing to have jumping castles efficiently printed, rather than dyed, there are two technologies are present these days. One is to use screen-printing method and the other technology makes use of digital printing equipment which can print on top of nylon. More often than not, if the printing technique is used then white PVC must be used and an outline or artwork printed onto this.

Digital printing consents to photographic value of pictures, a little which is also difficult along with being impracticable with hand-painting. Hand-painting is more long-lasting as the paints tend to last for a long span of time in water, rain, and treatment as compared to printouts. It is also superior for cartoon kind of style images, which is the model for many children.